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Befor and after school, there is home !


Back to school in Juanary

How to start well this new year which is at the same time in the middle of the school year? By investing in the health of our young marathon runners !!!!

Good attitudes

Ideas capsules to be implemented to create an educational framework that surrounds, reassures and offers a space of freedom to children. But in a specific context, all the same!

Good Homework

This is the angry question! only there you are, you will discover tips to lower the pressure! Get organized, go back to content, breathe and find your autonomy!

Good leasure

Allright then ! To work effectively at school, you need to have fun, too. Far from the screens, let's ride our bike, discover theater, stories, documentaries, the forest... All to discover together, young and old!

Good news !

To learn to count, children spontaneously use their fingers. With this great trick, your child will know perfectly his table of 9! …

Puzzles are a great resource for developing children’s organization and autonomy. It’s also a game! … to which you are invited! So, …

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To put an end to the dictatorship of the rose for girls. Stop locking them up in this representation: it will help …

Why History lessons might be difficult for kids One of the resistances to the knowledge of history, it is generally the millions …

A child’s room is a territory The child’s bedroom is a place of rest, a private nest and a work area. How …

Here are lots of ideas for developing a reasonable education, well adjusted to the age of each child and full of gentleness. 
Bringing a real, readable frame brings reassurance to children.