Rentrée : bien organiser la chambre de votre enfant

Back to school: organize Her / his room

A child’s room is for sleeping, it’s for playing, laughing and doing pillow fights, but it’s also a work space. So, so that the school year is spent in serenity, why not revisit the child’s room with him? Why not

Un parent d'élève est toujours un ancien élève

A parent of a student is also a former student

When you drive your child to school, you unknowingly embark a third passenger: the student you have been. Exploration!

You hold his little hand in yours, which, suddenly, seems to you immense. And even a little wrinkled, so the handcuff …


Children: do not blame their ignorance, explain to them!

Tell a child “How, do not you know that ?! This causes him a shame and a closing reflex. Avoid this remark and gently fill in the gap. Our adult representation of knowledge The many things we have learned since …


How to help your child to part with his blanket

To separate from one's blanket is an important rite of passage in the construction of the autonomy of the child. No question of forcing him. It is a personal journey that reveals that we are growing up.

What is a 
children swimming pool

Extracurricular activities: your observation field

Soccer, judo, dance or swimming. The first years of school life are often accompanied by so-called “extracurricular” activities, a term that speaks volumes. As parents, do we place these activities in the sphere of pure leisure, relaxation or do we …

Heureux à l'école débute à la maison

Being happy begins at home

The school, often criticized for not doing enough, can do very little without our family education. Yet our agendas do not allow us to be as assiduous as we would like for the schooling of our children.

Our displeasure with


Share a calm time with your child

End of holidays: it is time to take back the daily newspaper and, for our children, the way of the school. What if it was an opportunity to revitalize our role as a parent?

Of course, replacing regular rhythms, without