How to cook replaces holiday homework

How to cook replaces holiday homework
Louison, as stubborn as a runner of the Tour de France, does not stop: he wants to make a cake today. There now, with you! Do you know that you are having an unexpected opportunity to make him do his holiday homework ???

Try: Cook with your children during your holidays. It’s just as profitable as editing on printed notebooks. First of all, to develop a dish is to build together a common project. Not so common everyday. Very trainer for big and small. This is a wonderful opportunity to test your skills, evaluate your knowledge, train your skills. French, math, Natural Sciences and even History, if you feel like it. The field of educational and pedagogical action is very vast.

How to conquer the recipe !!!
There is a recipe – at first, choose something simple and safe for children – and therefore instructions to follow. “Read aloud the recipe”. You will evaluate his ability to read fluently and his understanding of the text. If he does not succeed, we resume together, nicely. The child perceives that reading is not a thought: it can also be used in real life to fend for itself.

Then, a little method: we take out all the instruments that we need. The recipe said a bowl? Yes, but we must separate the whites from the egg yolks to keep only the latter. So, let’s plan a little extra container. It is the art of anticipation. And then, a measuring glass or a scale. Preheat the oven a little early. Still anticipation. At what temperature? Let the child act: he will show you that he likes to do, with a little encouragement, he also prefers to do everything alone.

It’s so practical, mathematics!
Come the measurements. A little math without looking;). “150 gr of butter from which you take half”. If it blocks, we take out some paper and a pencil. “It’s 75 grams! “Launches Louison the baker’s boy, happy to have reached the stage.
Here. The recipe has taken shape. Still a little method: we clean the utensils and the work plan, as with the great chefs.

This time, it’s ready. Your hero will spread the news: “I did it! “. Play it modest. By the way, what are you going to do with those egg whites that you got caught with them?

PS: You can continue the experiment in Natural Sciences: what is an egg? Discover the story of the egg of Christopher Columbus; for the older ones, the physical phenomenon of white snow. And since the whites in snow give a wonderful dessert named “The White Lady”, reveal to Louison that the term “White Lady” was used to name the queens of France when they were widowed. No mourning in black for the queens! You have work in perspective, and a lot of joy to share … too …

The in-ra-ta-ble trick: homemade Nutella (organic)
Here is something to make happy (even very small), without great calculation elsewhere, unless one is a frenzied fractions;). I propose you to make a spread without palm oil (food disaster, ecological disaster), neither preservatives nor gelling:
In a food processor, put everything together:
170 grams of sweetened condensed milk (a commercial tube);
+ 170 gr of Nestlé (blue wafer) milk chocolate to be pasted (important). To melt in the microwave (1mn30) in a bowl with a few drops of water;
+ 100 gr of organic butter (important) softened (I said softened, neither melted nor cooked) in the microwave in less than 8 seconds!

Launch of the robot to pulse all that. Off you go! Potting. Everyone is fighting to lick the spoon: it’s a normal attitude!
Revelation: without a robot but for real athletes (well … say it was super hard and you deserve a kiss for that!): It works also in a bowl with a spoon!

This is kept in the fridge where the dough hardens but spreads quickly on hot sandwiches. Out of the fridge, it disappears in less than an hour. Go find out why! Hmm …

Caution: it is a question of locating, of fixing gaps … Not to blame their ignorance !!! Click here to better understand !!!

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