How to know his multiplication table of 9 on his fingers

Learning the multiplication table of 9 on your fingers

To learn to count, children spontaneously use their fingers. With this great trick, your child will know perfectly his table of 9!

The point of view of Victor, student and math teacher

This student who gives math lessons to middle and high school students has long noticed that one of the shortcomings of his already tall students is their poor learning of multiplication tables. They don’t know how to count well. This knowledge must be fluid in order to master more complex mathematical concepts. He shares with us a great trick to make multiplication a game that is easy to take everywhere with you … Of course, since it is a question of counting on your fingers. Translated with (free version)

“I don’t mind my former teachers, for whom the multiplicative hand count was a vast heresy, this method can be useful and represents a significant time saver in mathematics education. What better way to improve them than with little tricks? ».

Let’s let Victor speak. Your child is going to do a good math !!! Let’s go !

Small remark before starting

Tables from 1 to 5 are unfortunately simpler and therefore do not enjoy the popularity of tables from 6 to 9 for such methods .

How to know your table of 9 while having fun?

Put both hands wide open in front of you. They will become the dashboard for your calculations.

If you want to perform the 3 x 9 calculation, lower the 3rd finger from the left.

The fingers to the left of the lowered finger represent the tens digit while the fingers to the right of the lowered finger represent the units digit.

Do the same for 6 x 9 and lower the 6th finger. You can see 5 fingers to the left of the lowered one and 4 to the right! The result obtained being 54, the proof is made that the reasoning works for 6 x 9.
And it is the same for the whole table of 9 from 1 to 10!

The objective of this method is to make your child retain his table of 9!

By dint of repetitions, it will be easy for him not to use this table anymore in order to carry out his calculations in a fraction of a second… This fraction that he will study in a few years and for which the need to control with fluidity his multiplications with his fingertips (oh them again!) will be paramount!

And then, it is well known. When one is initiated to such a trick, one has only one desire: to share it around oneself. And just by repeating it and explaining it to others, your child will become a true expert. Double shot!

Did you know that? Dactylonomy is ancient and universal!

Dactylonomy – from the ancient Greek “dactulos” [ finger ] and “nomos” [ law ] – is the art of figuring numbers by the fingers, even the phalanges. The Romans, the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the West but also the Middle East, all men and women of the world have counted on their fingers since the dawn of time. The Chinese and the Japanese still use nowadays this natural abacus that are our hands and our ten fingers! Translated with (free version)

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